Transportation and moving services

With the moving industry’s largest company fleet of auto transporters, Avto-Trans is the leading moving company offering auto transportation in Moscow and regions of Russia. We provide all household moving services including packing, loading, unloading, furniture installation, cleaning, storage of things in a warehouse. The company has qualified employees with knowledge of English and extensive experience in delivering orders.

We will help transportation


Wardrobes, beds, sofas, armchairs

Things in boxes

Cardboard boxes, bags, utensils

Electrical engineering

TVs, music equipment, accessories

Household appliances

Fridges, washing machines

Glass objects

Aquariums, glasses, mirrors

  • We provide personal manager to answer all your question.
  • We plan transportation discussing with you, accepting all possible needs.
  • We make a strong focus on your desires.
  • We assist on each step of preparation from request day until the day all work is completed.

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What we will transport

Cars up to 600 kg
Citroen Berlingo
600 kg
Cars up to 1 tons
Hyundai Porter
1 tons
Cars up to 3 tons
Ford Transit
3 tons
Cars up to 5 tons
Hyundai HD-78
5 tons

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We guarantee:
  • Compliance with the terms of delivery of property
  • Professional movers (disassemble, pack, carry)
  • Packing valuables and furniture in bubble wrap
  • Compact loading of equipment and luggage in a car
  • Fast moving to a new place of residence
  • Cleaning the apartment from packaging material

How the final price is calculated

The cost of freight transportation is calculated on the basis of factors:

  • The cost of services of movers taking into account the time spent.
  • Amount of additional services: packing, assistance with disassembling and assembling furniture.
  • Distances between the starting and ending points of transportation, the need to leave for MKAD.
Choose a car for delivery
Citroen Berlingo
  • For what - boxes, cupboards, coffee tables, toys, dishes, plants, chairs, products, instruments, books
  • Volume, m3 - 1,8
  • Carrying, tons - 0,6

Price from   750 ₽ / hour
Citroen Jumper (full metal)
  • For what - household appliances, sofas, couches, mattresses, carpets, shelving, chairs, chests of drawers, tables
  • Volume, m3 - 9
  • Carrying, tons - 1,2

Price from   800 ₽ / hour

Citroen Jumper (van)
  • For what - kitchens, beds, sofas, cabinets, garden furniture, plumbing and building materials
  • Volume, m3 - 19,5
  • Carrying, tons - 1,3

Price from   900 ₽ / hour

The fixed prices indicated on the website will allow to avoid unforeseen expenses. Our moving company offers affordable prices and guarantees full client’s satisfaction.

Cargo transport

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